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Our Specialty Classes are 60 minute, one-of-a-kind, fun, low impact fitness classes. Our classes are no more than 4 attendees.


Learn the popular dance routines featured on Tik Tok

Class size: 4 person max


Sculpt, tone your butt, thighs, hips, and core while learning various twerk moves

Class size: 4 person max


Learn a variety of popular line dances in this full body toning class

Class size: 4 person max


If you love to line dance and burn calories, the line dance cardio class is the truth. It makes you look at line dancing a little differently.  I burned calories and learned new dances I can do when I’m on and the song comes on.  

Surkura Boyd

The line dance cardio classes are fun and definitely a workout.  Lots of laughs and calorie burning.


The boot camp classes… you feel the burn! Let me say this, you WILL get your money’s worth and more.  A must try; motivation at it’s best!!!

Raquel Stanley

Boot camp, early Saturday mornings gave me strength. Once I completed the courses for the day it was a struggle, but every muscle in my body let me know I was doing something,  I love going to each station.  Each week you challenge yourself to do more than you did the last week  Gotta love FitGoals.. if have the goals fit into it!!!

Surkura Boyd

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