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When you start to look strong AND feel strong…. mission accomplished, so celebrate, BUT keep going until you look stronger and feel stronger!!! FitGainz is about celebrating the wins no matter how big or small. We recognize that what seems like a little, has taken a lot of dedication, consistency, hard work and sacrifices.  FitGoals will always applaud YOU and push you to become YOUR best fit!

When you see your gym work paying off, smile and work harder!!!


BreLou is so amazing! She is fun and knows how to push you without over doing it. She helps keep me motivated while enjoying my workout. I also love that she teaches you different workouts that can easily be done at home.


She taught me to measure success by the way I feel and how my clothes fit, not by the numbers on the scale. I would recommend her to everyone – she is amazing!

Jacqueline Pettaway

I came to bootcamp for a month and absoluetly loved it! My trainer BreLou, was the very best. It was hard work, but she took the time to make sure you worked out at your own pace!

Valerie Pridgen

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