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Our personal training services focus on the development of attainable goals and lifestyle changes to improve one’s physical fitness.  We promote long-term commitment to being fit, not quick fixes.

Our 60-minute individual training sessions are custom workouts designed with the individual’s fitness goals in mind. The personal training program includes an initial fitness assessment and monthly progress monitoring. Options for two or more sessions per week are available. Sessions are pre-paid monthly and do not require a contract.

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My name is Brenda "BreLou" Ivey and I am an ACE-certified personal trainer. I have been personal training for four years, providing boot camps, fitness kickboxing, and individual training from the gym in my basement. 

I've been an athlete for as long as I can remember, specializing in team sports including tennis, basketball, and softball. I began training Muay Thai (kickboxing) in 2000 and spent many years in the ring sparring with male and female fighters. 

In 2016 I began running 5Ks, completing 15 races that year and 13 the following year, including mud obstacle runs.

I love helping my clients meet their fitness goals, using all that I have learned during my many years as an athlete. Even more, I love showing my clients that workouts can be fun and this fit lifestyle can be maintained. Let me show you how I do what I do!


Dedicated to her passion of creating a healthier you! This is what comes to mind when I think of my trainer, BreLou. Very knowledgeable about the anatomy and when I started having issues with my shoulder and knees from previous conditions, she took the time to alter my workouts in order to achieve the best results! 

I highly recommend her as a trainer. When I say she cares… that is an understatement.

Chef Kitura

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Exercise has not been fun for me over the years, especially with a trainer.  Then, I discovered that BreLou had become a trainer. Eureka, I finally found a trainer that listens to me and my body needs as a woman over 50 with bad knees. 

I looked forward to working out for the first time ever! I feel blessed to have trained with her.


Tabatha Foster

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