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At FitGoals we believe that fitness includes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Our monthly events supplement regular fitness workouts with sessions on body care, make-up, massage therapy, active rest workouts, and more!

Saturday Morning Boot Camp

Join the first FitGoals LLC and Gym Jones Training, LLC for our first community boot camp collaboration. This is a 60-minute full body, cardio, strength, and toning class for all fitness levels. 

Class size: 20 person max

Use coupon: GETFINE for your first boot camp.

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Jumprope Clinic

Join us for our first beginner's "virtual" jumprope clinic. Learn basic techniques to master the fundamentals of skipping rope. A consistent jumprope routine burns calories, improves cardio, and builds both strength and endurance.


Our jumprope clinic includes five 60-minute virtual sessions. Sessions are held once a week on Saturday mornings, providing time for participants to practice their skills before the next class. 


Class size: 10 person max

Wednesdays beginning May 1st



Brenda “BreLou” Ivey is a two-time Quarter-finalist in the Inked Magazine cover contest. In 2020, she finished 8th and in 2022, she finished 11th. The contest is 100% public voting. Supporters may cast one free vote every 24 hours or they can purchase votes to benefit MusiCares charity.

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