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At FitGoals all trainers are certified for the classes they teach. Group fitness classes are staffed with a lead trainer and a second trainer to assist our clients and provide individual attention, as needed. Alternative exercises are suggested for beginners and individuals with pre-existing injuries and conditions.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
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I am Brenda Ivey (BreLou Poison Ivey), an ACE-certified Personal Trainer and the Owner of FitGoals LLC. Fitness is Me. My love for fitness is a personal journey to be the best “fit” me I can be. On this journey I have learned that fitness does not look the same for everyone; even our goals can change. Our focus should therefore be on bettering ourselves and enjoying the journey.

Fitness increases my confidence, helps me encourage myself, lift my own spirits, and be the positive voice in my head.  It provides a path through my struggles, and allows me to pull myself together and conquer my fears. With each workout, I discover more about myself, setting new goals and reevaluating existing ones.  Every session ends with a smile and a great story. 



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